Ready-made solutions aren’t enough, but you have no time for custom development? Go for Atollon!

Atollon represents the perfect option between an off-the-shelf solution and custom software.

Off-the-shelf ERP, CRM, etc.
Duration of implementation
Adapting to your business
Duration of implementation
Adapting to your business
Custom development
Duration of implementation
months to years
Adapting to your business

Atollon connects people, data, and processes around clients and projects to improve the performance and quality of your services.


  • Sales & Leads Management


  • Project Tracking & Resource Management
  • Service & Support


  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Invoice Flow

Company Management & Growth

  • Business Intelligence
  • Communication & Team Collaboration
  • Recruitment & Talent Acquisition

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Significant experience in various industries

Do you manage a service-based or B2B company? Then we are the ideal match for you.

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How we increased the effectiveness of this HR agency by 15%

“Honestly, if we did not have Atollon installed, I dare say that mBlue would definitely not be where it is now.”

Milan Mahovsky,managing director, mBlue

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How we work

We can have our system up and running in just a few days after our cooperation starts. You will see the first results within two weeks. Let’s start small and then grow bigger.

Free initial consulting

In the beginning, we will show you what we can do for you. And for free.

  • Preliminary analysis2 hours
  • Custom demo1 day to get it ready
  • Presentation1 hour


You get a concise report with our findings and recommendations.


We will digitalize your processes, one by one

When you give us the green light, we start the steps of making your processes straight and automated. Our approach is agile implementation, and we repeat the steps for each department/ process/ module/ functionality to verify.


In-depth analysis of your business processes

1–3 weeks
  • analysis of 1 or more processes at a time (sales vs. project management process)
  • starting with reports and dashboards for all company roles
  • based on findings, we create inputs and adjust the system

Integration of the pilot configuration into company environment

1–10 weeks
  • e.g., task management or CRM
  • integration to existing accounting software
  • onboarding assistance

Evaluation of the impact, feedback round, continuous improvement activities

1 month
  • enhancing cooperation and configuration

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